How people learn is changing. That's why KSW takes a flexible integrative learning approach to e-learning course development. Rather than offer a static approach to online learning, KSW is pushing the boundaries with the ME-Learning™ experience.

ME-Learning refers to Mobile and Electronic Learning, the prevalent learning formats in this age of distributed online devices. It also conveys our focus on the individual learner and their learning experience.

Traditional Approach ME-Learning™ Approach
One-size-fits-all Tailored to learner
Static and reference oriented Interactive multimedia elements to facilitate engagement and enhanced learning
Resource-heavy content and authoritative Streamlined content and conversational tone
Literal reformat of print edition Structured to engage participant to learn skills/change behavior
Traditional test Data-driven approach assesses comprehension level to determine path through course

How it Works: Learn, Apply, Prove

ME-Learning engages participants by providing compelling content and allowing them to interact with concepts.

Course development is based on identifying solid learning objectives:

  • What is the core knowledge?
  • What must a participant know and apply in order to have successfully completed the course?

Learning objectives are grouped into topic areas, to which our Learn, Apply, Prove framework is applied:

Learn elements deliver the core knowledge of the course. Content dictates the delivery. For each topic we ask: What is the best way to convey the topic? What provides the best learner experience and promotes comprehension?

Apply elements require participants to put concepts into action. Activities such as simulation or critical decision-making require participants to synthesize the knowledge and apply judgment.

Prove elements assess comprehension and retention. Assessment questions allow learners to identify strengths and weaknesses and direct the learner back to Learn or Apply steps for remediation when needed.

The bottom line? Learn, Apply, Prove helps ensure an engaging, interactive, and data-driven learning experience that promotes comprehension and retention.


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